Pet care – You do not have to think differently, just act differently

I, Sanjeet Singh Veen, based in Boston, US, working as Pet writer in Dog Writers Association, from past ten years, am very affectionate towards animals. Born in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India to social activists, teachers, and environmentalist parents, I have been exposed to various issues inhabited in the society at an early age. I am very sensitive towards animals, especially streets animals. There were many instances in my childhood, where I have seen the cruelty, suffering of the street animals, especially the street dogs, who have been major victims to the human brutality. This influenced me take up career that could bring in emphasis various issues related to animals. As an individual, I find myself very much connected to them. My work gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Being an animal right activist, I am part of many organisations that fights animal trafficking, trading, slaughtering and involves in rescuing animals that are been treated with cruelty.

Many of us talk a lot about love at first sight. Did you ever happen to experience that feeling? Well in my case, it happened when I was able to rescue a dog being hit by a car. The innocence in their eyes, the unconditional warmth, and selfless love made me believe in love at first sight. Caring for animals is more than duty and humanity. Coming across various pets everyday uplifts my spirit. I truly believe that one’s soul remains unawakened unless he/she have experienced the love of animals. Animals are the perfect companions, friends, who teach you real life lesson about compassion, loyalty, intimacy, and love.

Apart from my regular profession, I also work for pet adoption centres that rescue animals like cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffalo’s etc., which were forbidden by the owners, or faced street violence. The famous quotation of Mahatma Gandhi says, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. A true character and a prosperous country is a result of mutual respect and love towards every living being. I am doing my part to save the animals to save humankind. Are you doing the same?

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