Having a pet is, having a companion and a friend on your side. Their silence is their language; their touch is their way to express emotions, what could be more beautiful in life when someone loves you for what you are. Pets are the only living beings that do not judge and are always happy to be with you. For a friend and a very special part of your life who gives you, so much of happiness and love needs equal care.

Kitten Litter Training

My first encounter with a pet was Minku, my cat. He was 6 months old when I spotted minku at my grandfather’s house. It was love at first sight and then after me, Sanjeet Singh Veen had adorable place for pets in my life. If you are having a kitten at your hone, then do turn your love to care and rain your kitten oh how to litter. This is very important lesson a kitten must learn before he/she finds it difficult to practice littering at a particular place.

  • Purchase a large litter box, as kittens grow faster and you may not have to replace the litter box periodically. Meanwhile if you are using the same large box, the kitten will be habituated easily.
  • Make sure that the large litter box you have chosen for litter practicing is convenient for your kitten to climb. Use plywood or any piece of flat material with perfect adhesion, which will make a little ramp, in case the kitten finds it difficult to climb.
  • Purchase unscented little liquid available at your pet store. Make sure these liquids are not over scented, this may cause the kitten to choose another place to litter.
  • Strong perfumed/scented litter liquids might have health impacts, it may cause eye irritation, respiratory problems, burning of eyes etc. always prefer mild scented litter liquid to train your kitten.
  • The litter box must be kept clean and has to be hygienic. Unhygienic litter box can cause health issues to kitten and to the family members.
  • Place the litter box in a place in your house where the traffic is less. Kitten would love to spend time near the litter box, so make sure should not be sudden noise breaks, which might fear the kitten and disturbs the training.
  • It takes some time for any kitten to understand how to litter in a specific place. Especially if the mother cat is not there, the kitten might need more attention and care. Never scream on kittens, as not every kitten or pet learns it easily, every pet takes its own time to understand, so are the kittens.

Place the kitten in the litter box to help her/him to understand and get accustomed to the smell. This will help kitten to realise where she/he has to poop.

Kitten Litter Training – How to litter train your kitten?

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