While I have been walking down my pet through the streets every evening, I always wondered what could be a perfect sneak for a dog after a long walk. We all want to have something that gives a boost to your taste buds, Why not your pets feel the same. Pets cannot eat everything and anything that is dibble. They are mostly restricted onto a simple easy diet, which will not complicate their digestive system. I am very careful when it comes to my pet’s health, so keeping everything on mind and after lots of research. Here are few snakes that can be good food for your dog to uplift their spirits.


Carrots– many of us never try considered the factor that not just bunnies but also even dogs can love carrot. When I first gave carrot to my dog, he was not sure what exactly it was. It took some time for him to understand. Today carrots are the most favorite snacks for my pet. My pet loves his evening walk, as he knows carrots are waiting for him back home. Have nutritional balance, this will not cause any harm to your pets health.

Blueberries- Not so often, but raspberries and blue berries can be a good snack for your pet. If you want to teach your dog some act, you can offer berries as reward. Most of the dogs love munching berries, which is a perfect replacement from a routine snack.

Eggs- The best snack item, which always tops my Dog snack recipes-by Sanjeet Singh Veen, is egg. This is not only healthy but also very rewarding. Many times, we observe that dogs fall sick and do not show interest in eating. At that time giving meat or chicken may not be advisable, as it is little hard to digest. However, egg can certainly do its job.

Green Beans- Little boiled or straight out of the refrigerator, anything can do best for a perfect evening snack. Green beans are crunchy to chew is an impeccable food that keeps the digestive system away from bacterial infections.

Even though we want best for our pets, never try feeding food, which can harm the health of your pet. It is always advisable to take an advice from the pet doctor before feeding anything. Sometimes dogs are sensitive to food and get allergic to certain types of vegetables. Make sure you have a complete healthy history of your pet on the table before serving those delicacies o your pet.

4 Best Snacks for Your Dog

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