No matter how much love you have for your little dog, potty training could be the toughest thing. Ask me, the famous entrepreneur Sanjeet Singh Veen had to try every trick to train my naughty puppy Dexter. Even though Dexter took his time to learn the habit, but today he is, the most well behave member of my family. Usually it takes 5-6 months for the puppy to train, for few it might take a year. Dexter took 14 months to understand, this is where a pet owner must learn to have patience. It also depends upon the breed to which you dog belong. For example, smaller breeds usually have smaller bladder and needs to go out frequently, while its opposite with the larger breeds.

Steps to house train your puppy

  1. Experts suggest that, house training for the puppy must be started at the age between 12-16 months.
  2. For potty training, the puppy must be confined to a particular place until it learns that she/he must go outside to complete its business.
  3. The feeding schedule of the puppy must be fixed. Puppy must be given food in regular intervals as per the vet doctor suggestion.
  4. Take out puppy in the morning once she/he wakes up. Also after every nap and after having its meal, make sure you take the puppy out for a little walk so that puppy can learn the practice.
  5. Always take the puppy to same spot for potty training. Taking to different places may confuse the dog and it may not understand your behavior.
  6. Do not shout, scold, or beat the puppies if they poop at home .have patience and try to appreciate the efforts made by the puppy to eliminate outside.
  7. Rewards are very essential for the dogs to make them understand that we appreciate their effort. So try giving tasty bites for your pets whenever they make an effort to reciprocate according to your training.
  8. Do not leave your puppy outside in the initial stages of house training when the puppy is not yet accustomed to the road behavior. This may lead to accidents building a fear in puppy, which decrease the interest in the puppy to eliminate out.
  9. If taking out frequently is difficult, then start using a crate. Until sometime let the puppy learn through crate, later you can let the puppy roam in the house freely.
  10. The crate should be spacious to allow the puppy sit, stand crawl sleep everything freely. A big crater will help puppy to refine the corners for potty rest to relax and play.
  11. Do not force your puppy to use crate, if puppy is not eliminating in a crate or is constantly eliminating, take doctors’ advice before making crate a habit to the puppy.
Ultimate Guide to Potty Train Your Puppy

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