Pets are stress busters. One can only feel this emotion when they have owned a pet in their life. Sophisticated lives have made relations more complicated, one hardly believes in anything around us. The greatest emotions of this generation are stress, anxiety, frustration, guilt. So many negative emotions, that it becomes difficult for any individual to have a peaceful life. On the other hand, it is very hard for any human to show emotions so easily as all of us are so preoccupied in our own confused lives. Pets might not be a real healing solution from the negative atmosphere but they are certainly the happy boon to every individual who got the opportunity to be with them.


If you are thinking about adding a furry or a feather member to your family, then go ahead. For people who stay away from family in search of a prosperous career, get a companion who can shower unconditional love, as I did the same to get out of homesickness. You got me right; Sanjeet Singh Veen is pet writer all because of my attention and encouragement I receive from my companion, my pet, who kept me steady, peaceful and the happiest person alive.

Health is wealth

All those who are not sure on how to get out of the frustration that is eating  your internal peace, this is the time to be strong and get on to the activities which makes you happy and content about life. Still not sure, then do adopt a pet. Nothing can give you immense pleasure and fun other than having your favourite animal sharing your space at home.

Many researchers have concluded that having a pet at home not only improves your mental health but also boosts a positive energy in the family. On the other hand the other benefits of pets in and around are:

  • Heart diseases have become very common among individuals below 40, which is a risk. According to Centres for Disease and Prevention, the rate of heart attacks found to be reduced in families having pets like cat and dog.
  • You might be surprised to this fact, that stroking your dog or cat can lower your blood pressure. Therefore, it is time to show little to love to your pets.
  • Spending time with pets involving them in playing with you will help to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine(feel good chemicals).this is one reason why most of the people after adopting a pet find themselves more healthy both physically and mentally.

You give them food and shelter, they bless you with new life which is beyond your imagination.

How having pets boost your mental health?

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