Adopting a pet is the best thing one should do in their life. Pets are the greatest companions and friends who stay with like body and soul. Remember, if you are adopting a pet to give a family then go for it, but if you want the pet just to keep as security guard then do not make an effort. Most of never try to understand that animals are also living creature and they need same love and affection what we humans wan t all our life. Unbelievably animals do want to have a free living according to their wish, our sympathy may give them food but not a life they are worth living.

Being an animal lover and activist, I feel five things you must consider very seriously before adopting a pet.

Commitment – Not only humans need it; this word is very strong and applies even for pets. If you are willing to make a pet part of your family do make a commitment of lifetime. Do not adopt any pet before you are sure about it completely. Make sure you and your family members mutually decide on bringing a pet.

Authorization – It is very unfortunate but most of the residential community does not permit pets in their society. If you stay in a rented place and shift frequently, then assure the new place you are residing has the authorization to keep a pet. Pets cannot stay from the owners after they are acquainted with them. They start believing that they are part of the family. Do not break this family.

Love at first Sight – Do not adopts a pet because your friends or neighbors have it or you felt some animal exceptionally cute. Adopting a pet is like adopting a baby it comes with greater responsibility. Love at first sight is good, but if love does not work the next morning, then you are doing a greater injustice with pet.

Quality Time – Make sure you have sufficient time for this new member. There should be someone to take care of the pet in your absence. Do not leave your pet alone in the house if it is very young. They get scared in new places; spend some quality time with them to understand everything about this new home.

Space – Create a space for this little member in your house. Let it feel that like you and other members of the family this pet has its own corner in your house. For Sanjeet Singh Veen, the happiest moment is to see my pet feeling cozy and comfortable in her own small space. Trust me that view is heavenly feeling.

5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

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